An Easy-To-Use Web-Based Leave Management Solution

- Still tracking your company's leave in Excel?
- Can't keep track of your employees' PTO?
- Is your current leave management system too confusing?

Now with clients in 60+ countries!

TimeOffManager will help you

Automate your leave management Automate your leave management

Save time and money Save time and money

Stop time-off abuse Stop time-off abuse

Centralize all your time-off data Centralize all your time-off data

" Excellent product; Highly recommend!
5.0/5.0 Rating -- D. Lee, Air Products
Excellent product, just what we were looking for! Fantastic Customer Service!!
4.5/5.0 Rating -- Bonnie, SPRA

The perfect leave management system for your company

Cost Efficient Cost Efficient
Save your company time and money for a low monthly fee. It’s worth it!

Data Integrity Data Integrity
Your data is secure, backed-up daily, and will never be shared with anyone.

Useful Reporting Useful Reporting
View reports for time-off balances, requests and employee summary.
Easy to Use Easy to Use
Simple user-friendly interface. You’ll be up and running in a matter of mins!

Highly Flexible Highly Flexible
Add your own time-off types, user groups, offices and accruals.

Real-time Calendar View Real-time Calendar View
Monthly calendar of all requests, colorize by time-off types or groups.

Why TimeOffManager?

TimeOffManager is the answer to your company's leave management: Who is on vacation this week? How many days of sick leave did this employee take this year? Who is abusing the company's time-off policies? How much time are we losing a month tracking absence on paper? TimeOffManager keeps track of your company's absentees!

Web-Based Software

TimeOffManager is web-based. That means you don’t have to install or download any software. It’s better, safer, and smarter than traditional software. No technical assistant required. Your data is secure with TimeOffManager. Learn more about the advantages of web-based and SaaS software.
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